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Whether you’re an avid listener of Spotify or you just want to get the most out of your car’s music system, a Spotify car thingstatt can help you out. It’s a dedicated secondary display for your phone and it’s voice controlled as well. If you’re looking for an affordable way to mount your phone in your car, this is the device for you.

It’s a dedicated secondary display for your phone

Those looking to access their music without fumbling around with their phone should consider the Spotify Car Thing, a dedicated secondary display for their phone. It connects to their phone via Bluetooth and can also be used with a secondary Bluetooth device.

The Car Thing includes a small touchscreen display and a large rotary dial. The touchscreen displays the current music. It also shows recommendations based on recent activity, as well as recent vocal queries. It also includes a side-scrolling list of your favorites and a “Voice” tab for navigating with voice commands.

The device works with your car’s existing audio system or an AUX cord. It has a “Voice” button that allows you to search for songs, albums, or playlists. It can also enable or disable shuffle and playback, or “like” songs to save them to your playlist. The Car Thing also features four microphones that allow it to respond to voice commands.

The Car Thing interface is relatively simple and is designed to interact with Spotify. The screen is a little bit smaller than a smartphone, but the rotary dial makes it easy to control volume and playback. There is also a play/pause button, as well as a mute button and a back button. The screen’s viewing angles are good.

One of the most impressive features of the Car Thing is its voice-controlled music search. When a user says the word “Hey Spotify,” the device will recognize the command and play the music. This is especially helpful when the device is loud. The voice search also lets users search for specific tracks.

The Car Thing isn’t quite as sleek as the Spotify app. The screen is somewhat obstructed by a large rotary dial. It also doesn’t work with polarized glasses. It’s also a little bit janky.

The Car Thing isn’t a bad way to get your music on while you’re driving, but it’s not perfect. It does have one major drawback: it can’t interact with other music-streaming services. It has to work with Spotify, which means you won’t be able to play songs that you’ve stored in another service. It also doesn’t come with a built-in speaker.

It’s voice controlled

Earlier this year, Spotify began testing its first voice-controlled smart assistant for cars. It’s called Car Thing, and it will be offered to a small group of invitees who are already Spotify Premium users.

Car Thing will connect to your car’s speakers via Bluetooth. It will also let you play music by voice command. Just say “Hey Spotify” and the device will play a song, an album, or even your podcasts. It will also provide a display of artists and albums. You can even customize playlists with preset buttons.

Spotify says that it has been listening to user feedback, which helped to shape the Car Thing’s design. Its four microphones will pick up your voice, even while the car is playing music. But it will only record when you say the wake word, “Hey Spotify”.

The device also has a Night Mode feature that will dim the screen in the evening. Spotify says that Car Thing is designed to be a hands-free way to control your music. That means you can change tracks, adjust the volume, or even change songs while driving.

Spotify says that it will be adding support for other audio apps in the future. This means that you may be able to carry out some functions like Spotify’s voice assistant does, but only through your smartphone.

It’s still unclear when Car Thing will go on sale, or how much it will cost. It’s expected to be available in limited quantities in the United States. But Spotify hasn’t confirmed that plans are in place to roll out the device in other regions.

Spotify says that the Car Thing is a test product that’s being used to study the listening habits of Spotify Premium users. The company says that the device is a test of the company’s voice technology, and it’s still working on voice-specific tests.

While Spotify hasn’t announced plans to make Car Thing available to the general public, it’s planning on testing it in the United States in the coming weeks. It’s a small test, but it’s the first step in a larger rollout.

It’s an affordable alternative to car mounts

Designed for use in the car, the Spotify Car Thing is a new music player that allows passengers to control music with their phone. It can be used on the dashboard, in the CD player or vent, and features a color display and four shortcut buttons. It also features voice control with the Spotify “Hey Spotify” feature.

Spotify has been selling the Car Thing in limited quantities in the US for a few months now, but it is not available in other regions. The company has not said what will be in the future for the device, but it is expected to include simple play, pause and skip controls.

The Car Thing is an inexpensive music player that is designed to help users control music from their phone. It uses Bluetooth and auxiliary analog input to connect to the car’s stereo, and the device works with the Spotify app on the phone. It also integrates with several navigation apps, and can read text messages.

It works with the car’s 12V power outlet, and can be mounted on the dash, vent or CD player. It can be programmed to play specific music playlists or favorites. Besides, it has a built-in microphone and can be used for phone calls. It also has an ergonomic dial for easier use.

In order to use the Car Thing, a driver must first pair their phone with the device via Bluetooth, and connect it to the car’s stereo. It will then display the next song on its display and allow you to control it with a voice command. The Car Thing is also a great choice for older cars that don’t have an in-car infotainment system. It is also useful for people who use apps like Pandora, Spotify or Apple Music for their music. It is also compatible with Android Auto.

The Spotify Car Thing is a good choice for people who don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on an infotainment system, but it isn’t perfect for everyone. Some may be put off by the price and the fact that it doesn’t have built-in WiFi. Others may be concerned about security and privacy.

It’s a thing most users can do without

Whether you are driving your car or cruising around town, you can enjoy Spotify’s large library of music, podcasts, and videos in an entirely new way. The company has partnered with Car Thing to create a hardware device that lets you control your favorite audio from the car.

The Car Thing is an interactive dashboard unit that can be mounted in most cars’ front console area. It allows users to view their Spotify library and control the Spotify app by voice. It also allows users to play, pause, and skip tracks, as well as add to queues and browse through results from voice searches.

Car Thing is compatible with all makes and models of cars. It features a touch-sensitive control knob and buttons. It works with your car’s built-in Bluetooth. Using your phone, you can connect the Car Thing to the car’s data network and play music through the car’s speakers. You can also browse through songs using the Car Thing’s circular touchscreen. It also includes a night mode, which dims the screen when the light is low.

Spotify’s Car Thing is intended to help users find and play their favorite content faster. The device was designed to collect data about how people use the service in their cars. However, Spotify has not yet announced plans to release the device to the general public. In the meantime, Spotify is offering Car Thing on a limited basis to selected Premium subscribers.

Spotify will launch a new version of the Car Thing in the US in spring 2021. However, it has not yet announced a release date for other regions. However, it has said that it will continue to support existing Car Thing owners. The company has also announced that it will begin selling the remaining Car Thing units at a discount.

Spotify’s Car Thing is designed for people who are tired of switching apps to find their favorite audio. It’s also meant to make streaming easier for people who don’t have an in-car entertainment system.

The company also plans to introduce updates to the Car Thing in the future. It hasn’t yet decided whether the updates will include simple play, pause, and skip controls. It’s also not clear whether the updates will include deep integration into other apps.

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